The Numerous Health Benefits of Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing pic
Rock Climbing

Dr. Michael Thomas is a neurosurgeon in Orlando Florida who focuses on minimally invasive spine surgery. Outside his work as a neurosurgeon, Dr. Michael Thomas enjoys rock climbing.

Rock climbing has proven to be beneficial to one’s physical and mental health. Though it is a difficult sport, the physical effort it requires can help a person gain strength in the arms, shoulders, thigh muscles, back, neck, and forearms. Rock climbing exercises nearly every muscle group in the body, resulting in improvements to each group’s strength, endurance, and speed. Just one hour of climbing can burn over 700 calories, making it a great exercise for both weight loss and muscle building.

Rock climbing also helps people by requiring them to set goals and accomplish them. Accomplishing goals can result in a significant boost in confidence. Because rock climbing requires so much focus on the task at hand, it can help people become more aware of themselves and their surroundings. It can even relieve stress and boost brain function because it requires use of problem-solving skills. Research on rock climbing continues to reveal the numerous health benefits of this sport.


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