An Introduction to Secure-C Arthroplasty

An accomplished neurosurgeon, Dr. Michael Thomas has performed arthroplasty and other spinal procedures. In 2013, Dr. Michael Thomas received certification to perform Secure-C Cervical Artificial Disc replacement procedures.

Designed by Globus Medical, the Secure-C cervical artificial disc presents an innovative alternative to traditional anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF). Performed on those with severe pain resulting from abnormalities within the disc, it aims to provide patients with greater mobility by allowing segmental spinal motion. In clinical testing, patients who underwent Cervical-C disc replacement reported lower levels of pain and increased functionality.

According to study data, 84.6 percent of patients who received Secure-C replacement discs performed successfully in range-of-motion tests. The majority of Secure-C patients also reported improvement in function and pain levels on several measurement scales, while 96 percent of the same population reported to be “mostly satisfied” with the results. Furthermore, only 2.5 percent of Secure-C patients required additional surgical intervention, a result that contrasts with 9.7 percent of patients who received ACDF treatment.


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